My name is stuart and I make music.

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Who is Stuart?

I'm a Composer.

I make music for media, mainly video games, but I'm also well versed in audio for video.

I'm heavily influenced by classic games, lo-fi and DIY sounds, but I don't allow myself to be limited by that. More than anything I aim for character in my music.

I have experience and piles of enthusiasm for dynamic and adaptive audio for video games (see my work on "Them's Fightin' Herds"), and strive to match my music the directors vision as closely as possible,

Another of my goals is clear communication. I believe that reliability is as important as quality of work and I always aim for a close working relationship with the developers I compose for.

I love writing in pop, rock, chiptune and orchestral styles, and especially love mixing all those genres into something tasty and unique. 

  • 4:08
    As the 'battle cry' for "Them's Fightin' Herds", I wanted this track to both represent the diverse characters in the game, as well as it's high energy gameplay. The theme is based around two or three repeating melodies that differ every time they are heard, creating a miss-match of styles and sounds.
  • 4:30
    The coldness of winter, the coldness of a self centred personality. This track represents the isolation of living in a frozen tundra, alongside the isolation of putting yourself above all others. From fighting game "Them's Fightin' Herds".
  • 1:33
    Written with classic action platformers in mind, this chiptune track was created using the 4 sound channels of a Nintendo Gameboy. Naivety, nostalgia and simplistic joy were my aims here. The tracks loop point is at 1:04.
  • 1:52
    Recorded using live musicians, my aim with this track was to create what I envisioned as the 'sound of high fantasy'. I deliberately used instruments outside of their traditional roles in an orchestra in order to create something that sounds both familiar and alien at the same time, akin to European fantasy settings. Strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion recorded at Studio Toy in Cardiff.
  • 4:22
    Written to be as chaotic and high energy as the character it represents, Paprikas theme is a mix of 8-bit Rock and gypsy punk music. I wanted to make sure no section was repeated, making it sound as scatty as possible, just like Paprika herself. From fighting game "Them's Fightin' Herds".
  • 1:00
    I wanted this track to sound like the opening theme of a Saturday morning cartoon. I'm a big fan of mixing classic orchestral instrumentation with fun, bouncy, driving pop music.
  • 3:01
    Another chiptune track. This one was written with a young, cocky version of the 'mad scientist' trope in mind. Unlike "Chip, Skip'n'Trip", this track uses more than just the gameboys 4 default audio channels for a bigger, more pop centric sound.
  • 3:08
    In this track, I used traditional Chinese interments in a European folk setting. Much like the 'Swords and Symphonies' track, my aim was to create an otherworldly high fantasy sound, this time with live vocals.